A checklist to Alzheimer’s care plan

Care giving in Alzheimer’s disease is very essential. As the disease progresses the role of caregiver increases.

How to handle Alzheimer’s disease


  • Establish a daily routine. Fix a proper time for habitual activities, prayer.
  • Give time. Do not rush. Allow them to take time for activities.
  • Provide choices. Ask them which they like to do.
  • Never hesitate. If them say they want to go to another country, tell them that you are checking the flight status.
  • Limit naps during day. This can decrease sleep in night and lead to irritability.
  • Avoid distractions. Give them time and space to concentrate.

Safe environment

  • Keep a calm environment. Do not bring them to a noisy and distractive environment.
  • Prevent falls. Install bars and handrails in critical areas.
  • Fire safety precautions. Keep a fire extinguisher near. Make sure the lighters and matchboxes are away. Keep the person away from kitchen.
  • Water temperature. Always make sure that a thermostat is attached with the heater in the persons bathroom.

Mood swings

Keep yourself calm. Understand that this is a part of disease and it is not personal.


  • Ensure that the person carry a unique identification material like a bracelet.
  • Notify authorities, friends and neighbors about the condition.
  • Keep a recent photos of the person.


Give the person time for his activities. Do not force him to do things that he is not willing to do. Adapt your expectations and routines to his needs.

Make communications easier

The person may have problems with speaking and communicating.

  • Make eye contact and extend to a two way communication as long as possible.
  • A gentle touch. Hold the persons hand and offer him a support.

When aware of memory loss

Sometimes the person may be aware of the decreasing memory.

  • Take time to listen. A good communication may give him a relief of his thoughts.
  • Be patient. Help him when he is finding difficult to remember a place or an event.

Know the disease

Take time to understand the disease. How it progress? How to prepare?

Always be positive

Accept the reality. Give care to your love ones. Never be down or negative. Only you can give the person a strong support and care.


Jose J Kochuparambil

I love the quote -' be the change that you wanna see in others'

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