#BalanceforBetter – moving forward to gender equality. How can you make a difference?

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World has faced many revolutions, had gone through several milestones. Technology had shaped the globe into a newer, much smarter world. Even though, women is urging for a gender balanced world. We have come a long way, and equality is way behind in several countries.

A day to celebrate women’s achievements and to appreciate her. But the very fact is that women is respected only in the women’s day. How can we give an equal opportunity to women that will be constant throughout the year?

The day that celebrated the suffrage of women in Soviet Russia, was adopted by United Nations in 1975 and is celebrated globally.

Science had proven that women is superior to men – 7 unique fields

  1. Women are smarter than men – have outscored men in various IQ tests conducted in US, Canada and Europe
  2. More sensual than men – they have a superior sense of color, odor and have a greater sense of hearing
  3. Women are hygienic than men – a study found out that there are more germs in men’s desk than women
  4. A far better nature defense mechanism – immunity
  5. Can tolerate more pain than men
  6. Women have a great memory power
  7. Women live longer than most men

Let’s consider them. An idea is a spark. A good idea can create a big fire.

Comment your ideas, and let the world know what you think.

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