Making a heart healthy choice – Tips and Tricks


Heart, the most important member that enables nourishment throughout the body. The choices that we take to make our heart healthy, decides our overall health.

Heart beats almost 2.5 billion times in an average lifespan. This hardworking organ that supports all the needs and working of all other organs. It delivers pure blood to all organs. Therefore, it is called the pump house of the body.

This prominent and wonderful partner requires more attention and care. Here are a few heart healthy tips for you :-

Eat healthy – Include more fiber rich like wheat, bran, oats, cereals etc. Make walnuts, almonds, peanuts as your daily snacks. Be more habitual to vegetables fruits and fish.

Avoid the threats – Try to put control over calorie drinks and saturated fats. Quit smoking and stop alcohol consumption.  It can damage your blood vessels, creating more workload to blood pumping.

Practice Exercise – Walking 10 minutes a day can help you to refresh your mind and improve the blood circulation. Daily work outs can control your body weight. Obesity can increase your risk for Coronary Artery Disease and Stroke. So, it is very much essential to keep our body fit and the weights within the limits.

Be cool- control your stress. Being over stressed can elevate your blood pressure. Close your eyes, count your blessings and be thankful. Create a positive as vibes, all around you. This can help you bring a control over your blood pressure.

Know your heart- take time to know your heart conditions and its risk. Check your Blood pressure, Fasting Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index  and waist circumference to know your heart risk scale. Talk to your healthcare provider about your heart’s health and take some time to assess your risks.

Here is American Heart Association guidelines to prevent heart disease at any age.


Though the above tips are simple, it can manage your heart from difficult conditions.

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