Media multitasking increase the risk of obesity – study reveals.

If you keep on switching between your phone, laptop, television and tablet, beware you are at the risk of getting obese.

Mindless switching between these devices can increase the susceptibility to food temptations and thus it can cause weight gain.

“Increased exposure to media is one of the most alarming change that the world had witnessed and the obesity rate too climbed during these period” – says Richard Lopez, postdoctoral research candidate from Rice University in US.

The research article published in the journal of Brain Imaging and Behavior studies 132 participants aged between 18 – 23.

Most youth are associated with a high BMI and a greater body fat.

The fMRI studies reveals that they have more temptations to food.

Jose J Kochuparambil

I love the quote -' be the change that you wanna see in others'

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