Quality healthcare should not be a dream, it must be a reality

What is so big about health day?

Health day proclaims the importance of universal health coverage (UHC). UHC ensures that all the people across the globe should accesses quality health care facility irrespective of their economic and social status. Health as the definition indicates the proper provision of preventive, treatment, diagnostic and mitigative facilities available in affordable effort. As everyone knows health is fundamental and accesses to health care should be a fundamental Right. Proper establishment of primary health care facility is the first step, says WHO.

Quality health care is a team work consisting medical professionals, care takers, family and all around. Now our world is threatened by several drug resistant infections, lifestyle disorders, affective disorders, addiction syndromes, cancer, drug induce illness and many more to count. The disease and treatment cost burden have being rising each year.

As the quote says,” together we achieve more”. All of us can contribute to make the world healthy. Any simple task with determination can create miracles. It is just like good hand hygiene can reduce the risk of life threatening communicable infections. All of us can make a change for a better world. Just avoid something that damage health and practice something that promote health. Try to define that ‘something’ in your own perspective. That ‘something’ can be avoid smoking in public places (passive smoking can cause lung cancer), practice walking exercises (improves metabolism), add on fruits to diet (natural nutritional supplementation) etc.

Quality health care should not be a dream any more…it should be a reality. So let’s take a small step for a better tomorrow, or else we will see our next generation paying more for medicines than food.

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